On the occasion of the Bauhaus Centenary the 2019 Werkleitz Festival will feature the following artists:
Haseeb Ahmed (US/BE), Rosa Barba (IT/DE), Aram Bartholl (DE), Michael Beutler (DE), Haris Epaminonda (CY/DE), Holmer Feldmann (DE), Ângela Ferreira (MZ/PT), Nikolaus Gansterer (AT), Christoph Girardet (DE), Cornelius Grau (DE), Romain Löser (FR/DE), Andrea Pichl (DE) and Magdalena Rude (DE).
These 13 artists have been invited to develop works for the festival that specifically respond to the tension between models and ruins, interacting with the existing locations and compositions of the exhibition parcours. The grounds of the exhibition parcours connect the classical modern ensemble of the Feininger and Moholy-Nagy Meisterhäuser and facing Georgengarten with architectural compositions from the 18th and early 19th century, including the Mausoleum, which was erected in the late 1890s in an opulent gesture of historicism. Tours of the exhibition parcours contextualize Bauhaus in terms of a more comprehensive history and offer visitors the opportunity to explore the Bauhaus legacy from a contemporary perspective.

Exhibition Parcours Opening Hours

26. Mai —10. Juni
Mo–Do: 2 pm – 6 pm
Friday–Sunday and Whitmonday: 10 am – 7 pm

The Moholy-Nagy/Feininger House is open Friday–Sunday and Whit Monday from 10 am to 7pm. The Moholy-Nagy part is also open Monday-Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm.

The performative intervention by the artist Haris Epaminonda will take place at the Feininger House on Friday–Sunday.

Venues of the exhibition parcours

Georgium: Rosa Barba (Vasenhaus), Aram Bartholl (lawn in front of Georgium Castle), Michael Beutler (Küchengebäude), Homer Feldmann feat. Piotr Baran (Blumengartenhaus), Nikolaus Gansterer (Ruinenbrücke and trees), Cornelius Grau (lawn on the way towards sphinxes portal), Romain Löser (Fremdenhaus) und Andrea Pichl (pebble area in front of Orangery)

Mausoleum: Haseeb Ahmed

Meisterhaus Moholy-Nagy: Christoph Girardet and Magdalena Rude

Meisterhaus Feininger: with a performative intervention by Haris Epaminonda (Friday–Sunday)

MUR: Exhibition Tours

Guided Tours

26.5, 1.6., 2.6., 8.6, 9.6., 10.6.
at 3.30 pm

The guided tours through the exhibition parcours are free of charge.
Meeting point: Infocounter Mausoleum